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Call: 01493 740 274
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about Becks Motorhomes

Becks Motor Homes - Company History

I purchased the property and land in 1959 when I was an engineer for Broadland Boat Company. Previously I was an apprentice in a local garage and later a branch manager for a national garage company.

Becks was founded in 1966. The Shell petrol station was opened in July with a workshop and very soon we gained a 1950 Bedford Dormobile which we let out on hire. Later we purchased a split screen VW Dormobile on summer rental then another VW and Commer Highwayman, growing to a fleet of 15. My wife and family helped in cleaning the hire fleet and I with two members of staff looked after all the service and maintenance.

In the 1970's we were appointed as an Autohomes dealer, this was at a time when the industry was far from booming. Despite this we did sell quite a number of vans. We built a service workshop, to accommodate the larger Leyland and Talbot Highwayman motorhomes, with lifting facilities. Autohomes went into receivership twice and we lost the dealership. We then turned to Autosleeper, again selling their models and using them in our hire fleet. This again ended but we had an A1 reputation which is still with us today.

In the 1980's we then sold Auto Trail and a few imported Burstners. This continued until the supply of imported Burstners ceased in 1992. This situation changed when we visited the European Motorhome Show and met Burstner again in 2002. They were very keen for us to sell their product and we have been dealers ever since. Also in 1998 we were appointed as Bessacarr dealers for the area. In 2012 we were approached by Bailey. The brand have made caravans since 1948 and in 2012 decided that it was time to expand into the motorhome industry and wanted Becks as a dealer. We were very impressed with the quality and we begun stocking the entire range. Over the years to follow, with Bailey sales increasing and a lack of space for more vehicles the Bessacarr franchise fazed out in around 2013.

In 2013 plans were agreed to completely re-build the Garage and further extend to keep up with the demand. Stage one of the extension was completed in 2014. This was the same year that we hunted out Hymer who are a premium brand. We were the 1st motorhome dealership to have both the German brands (Hymer & Burstner) available to compare in one place. From 2014 to 2015 the German brands where doing extremely well, so well in fact that we did make another (smaller) extension in late 2015.

Over the next few years no changes were made to the available brands (Hymer, Burstner, Bailey) and we were happy with the vehicles available. However as we moved from 2015 into 2016 Hymer were happy with our ability to sell their vehicles and in 2017 asked if we’d like to take on Eriba and Hymercar too. We agreed to take a small number of Eriba caravans and Hymercars. Over time and with success in sales we increased our orders for the vehicles and today we stock a brilliant range of hymercar and Eribas. In the same year we were approached by Adria also and later that year we decided to accept stock from this manufacture too.

More recently in 2018 we have a large stock of lowline & A-Class motorhomes and with over 110 vehicles in stock at any one time there are many different types of manufacturer and layouts available. However we felt that we needed more choice in the smaller panel van area. At this point we were stocking used vehicles, New Adria panel vans and New Hymercar Panel van’s. In 2018 we were approached by WildAx who make very high quality builds. The layouts available were different to our existing twin bed or transverse bed layouts and exactly what we were looking for.

Our business and reputation has grown over the past 53 years from Don Beck Camper vans to the latest Motorhome models from Hymer, Hymercar, Eriba, Burstner, Adria, Bailey & Wildax! that you see today.

The company which has expanded in recent years is now run by my daughter Alison, company secretary and her husband John the managing director, plus other members of the family assisting from time to time. Being well past retirement age my role now is to see business and customer relations continue as they have done over the past 53 years.

Please enjoy our web site and God willing with our help you will be able to fulfil your dreams of motorhome ownership.

Don Becks - Founder